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GRI call for Public Help to Improve Reporting

The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) is seeking input on sustainability reporting from members of the public, professionals and organisations. The proposed sustainability reporting guidance has been developed by experts and various organisations to help companies improve the way they report on anti-corruption and greenhouse gas emissions. Green House Gas reporting (GHG), is rapidly increasing in importance, as legislation in this area increases and so does public interest in climate change.

The GRI have produced the Sustainability Reporting Framework; this framework is widely accepted as the Reporting Standard and is used in many places and by many companies around the world, to ensure and improve transparency. The GRI Framework provides Principles and Indicators which organizations can use to report their economic, environmental, and social performance.

Currently, GRI is working on their G4 document – the next generation of Sustainability Reporting Guidelines. It is this G4 document which is now open for public feedback until the 25th of September. The importance of why people should give feedback in the Public Comment Period is explained by Bastian Buck, Senior Manager – Reporting Framework at the Global Reporting Initiative, “It’s important that the G4 Guidelines adequately reflect recent discussions on anti-corruption and GHG emissions to enable meaningful reporting on these important topics. By commenting on the proposed anti-corruption and GHG emissions updates, the public can help improve sustainability reporting in these areas.”

The Public Comment Period is now open, and will remain open until the 12th November, 2012.
Enrique Torres, GRI Business Transparency Programme, Senior Manager Coaching and Training Programmes, will be speaking at RSB Event, October 28th & 19th Barcelona, on “Understanding How to Set Sustainable Supply Chain Strategies and to Build the Right Partnerships to Effectively Manage a Comapny’s Supply Chain”

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