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Felicien Nkundabagenzi

Head of Membership and Stakeholder Relations, CSR Europe, Belgium

Felicien Nkundabagenzi is head of Membership and Stakeholder Relations at CSR Europe.

He has over 19 years of business experience leading and implementing critical multidisciplinary change management programs. He also has extensive operational experience and has worked in various consultancy positions to that effect.

Before joining CSR Europe, Felicien worked at the FIDI Global Alliance as a Senior Analysis and Development Manager, leading FIDI’s operational change process as well as the implementation of its global quality standard with CSR requirements. Prior to this experience, he worked as Programme Manager for Linklaters where he played an instrumental role during the firm ‘worldwide mergers.

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NH Pódium
Bailén, 4-6.
08010 Barcelona (Spain)

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