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Empresa Extendida Partners RSB Event

Empresa Extendida, a digital magazine better known as EMEX, is the latest organisation to collaborate with RSB Event, Driving Innovation & Value through Responsible & Sustainable Business.

Fitting that RSB Event is to be held in Barcelona, EMEX is a leading Spanish language magazine for procurement professionals. With an innovative design allowing EMEX to be read on all mobile devices, you can comfortably enjoy the most important procurement articles, reports and interviews – with EMEX providing information valid and relevant for any organisation, whether public or private.

Perhaps you are wondering, why the name Empresa Extendida? Because nowadays, companies compete supply chain against supply chain and in reality procurement professionals are managers of external resources. These resources and the way they are managed are a competitive advantage, and contribute to both the leadership and success of a company – or to its downfall.

EMEX provides the space and tools for procurement professionals to share experiences, give support, ideas, and the motivation to start or complete a journey of transformation to take procurement to the highest corporate level. In the current climate, procurement and procurement professionals need to connect with other corporate areas to develop the potential for competitive advantage and increase growth and profitability of the company.

EMEX can be used as a tool to allow all those working within procurement to grow at a professional level, with the magazine demonstrating the latest management methodologies and trends, technology solutions, organisational and structural benchmarks.

RSB Event, Driving Innovation & Value through Responsible & Sustainable Business, will be held in Barcelona on October 18th & 19th. This event is business and value centred, focused on empowering you and your company with step-by-step insight on all aspects of successful CSR implementation; Responsible today, Sustainable tomorrow.

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NH Pódium
Bailén, 4-6.
08010 Barcelona (Spain)

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