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Dr. Keith Simons

Innovation Director consulting for BP Alternative Energy, the European Commission and Cardiff University

Dr Keith Simons is a freelance Innovation Director who works with a range of European companies and Universities performing research and development projects. On behalf of the European Commission he has overseen a portfolio of €110M projects in fields as diverse as high-temperature superconductors for wind power generation, microfluidic platforms for radiotracer synthesis and catalyst development for pharmaceutical manufacture. These projects have supported the creation of spin-out and start-up companies grow to 5-25 person companies within project lifetimes in addition to supporting large companies innovate (for example developing novel manufacturing routes to a new Hepatitis C drug). Keith is also a tutor at Oxford University delivering courses on the ethical, societal, regulatory and wider business aspects of nanotechnology. He also works with clients to develop successful Open Innovation programmes. Previously he held scientific and commercial positions with Johnson Matthey, Avantium Technologies and the Crystal Faraday Partnership.

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