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Corporate Responsibility

Business & Community

Impact Five Group is committed to community development. Additionally, Impact Five Group donates/sponsors a variety of charities –both global and also local.

Driving Innovation & Value through Responsible & Sustainable Business (RSB Event), will be sponsoring Arrels Foundation.

Arrels is a private foundation dedicated to helping the homeless in the city of Barcelona

Arrels, which means “roots” in Catalan, was born in 1987 with the main goal to facilitate the holistic development of people who have been socially excluded, and more specifically of those in critical stages of homelessness. Throughout all of the Foundation’s existence, they have come in contact with over 7,000 people.

Arrels’ vision

To create a detailed working model based on their knowledge and experience in providing personalised treatment and working in close proximity to homeless people, that will become:

• a reference model for working with the homeless;
• an instrument for social change through the commitment of individuals and communities.


• Volunteer work, free-of-charge services, generosity, availability and teamwork;
• Personalized approach, work that is adapted according to the individual’s needs, demands and capabilities;
 Respect of the person, of his or her way of life, life story, pace, personal process, and decisions;
• Being with is more important than “doing things”.

Arrels ultimately aims to:

DIGNIFY the lives of homeless people, from recognizing their personal autonomy to them recovering their rights and responsibilities;

• restore AUTONOMY, understood as the capacity of a person to choose and make decisions as independently as possible, without conditions or dependencies on third parties.

Legal  status:

Arrels holds the status of Private Charitable Foundation Providing Special Care since May 8, 1998.


Environmental Policy

Sustainability is an everyday choice. Impact Five Group is committed to minimising the impact of its events on the environment. At Impact Five Group we operate in accordance with environmental legislation and guidelines. Annual reviews are carried out at Management level, to assess our environmental goals and targets. All our staff are trained to ensure their support for our sustainability policy. Whenever possible suppliers are selected who have adopted a similar policy. We set sustainability targets as we strive for continuous improvement.

Read our Impact Five Guidelines for a Responsible and Sustainable Event.

Event Location

NH Pódium
Bailén, 4-6.
08010 Barcelona (Spain)

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